Dr. Jessica Karp is making a fresh start in Pittsburgh as the new head of staff at the Mayfield Institute for Psychiatric Medicine. At the hospital, her position is threatened by a competitive doctor and a mysterious past that is always on the verge of catching up to her. As part of her predecessor’s legacy, she takes over the case of Georgia and Virginia Gruczechy, twin sisters in their mid-20’s who haven’t spoken to anyone but each other in over 14 years. Not only that, but when in view of other people, they perform every movement in complete synchronization. Though the girls are set for release, Dr. Karp becomes fascinated with them, seeing her own salvation in the solution of their puzzling case. She decides the twins are not ready to face the world outside and wants to keep them in the Institute and treat them separately. The girls pass her a note begging her to change her mind. But Dr. Karp refuses.

So they kill her.

Now living in the outside world, Georgia and Virginia have created their own insular and perverse world inside their run-down Pittsburgh apartment. Their days are spent in pursuit of their peculiar obsessions (porn, trepanation, prison pen-pals), joyriding in the car of the 90 year old woman across the street, making trips to the post office and jointly writing a bizarre romance novel.

One day a handsome neighbor accidentally knocks Virginia down in the street and everything changes. She begins to long for a romantic relationship outside the one with her sister. Georgia is at first eager to expand their sexual horizons for the sake of the novel, but when she realizes that she may lose her sister to the clumsy charms of a neighborhood teenager named Oyo, Georgia fights to return their relationship to what it was. As Dr. Karp learned, if you dare to come between the twins, you will face dire consequences.

While Georgia fights to hold her sister near and Virginia struggles to assert her independence from her sadistic sibling, Max Posnick, a retired cop and security guard from Mayfield, begins to suspect that he may have shared some responsibility in Dr. Karp’s murder. Security tapes show that on the night of her murder, while Max wasn’t paying attention, 2 shadowy figures left the building without his knowledge. Determined to set things right, Max starts his own investigation into Dr. Karp’s murder.

 As the tension between Georgia, Virginia and Oyo rises to its climax, can Max get there in time to make a difference?

 Set in the deteriorating vistas of post-steel Pittsburgh, Strange Girls dissects the rotten underside of female relationships: the horror, manipulation, claustrophobia, violence, and obsession of two women who cannot stand to live together but cannot live apart.

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